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A computer marketplace creeated to make things easy for the buyer as well as the seller.
A free advertising platform where you can simlpy post common classified ads with pictures and description of the computers or software you have for sale.
A marketplace where we take the online computer and software advertising to the next level.A video advertising platform where manufactures and powersellers can advertise their new software,computers releases or mega discounted computer sales.A free marketplace for private sellers,selling their used or custom built computers

Selling  computers and software using video ads

Technology is evolving rapidly so the computer market gets more and more crowded with offers advertising computers for sale.
From desktops to laptops,pc's or apple,computers are sold in large numbers but what's the best way to advertise them?
Are classified ads the way to go?
Is Ebay the best place to sell computers and parts?
Are you a powerseller or just selling your old computer?
How to choose between Apple,Intel,Sony or Dell when shopping for a new computer?
How about other manufactures offering great products?
Post free video ads to present your laptop,notebook,pc or hardware for sale and let the customers convince themselves.

Why computer manufactures should use video ads?

Big or small,entering or breaking the computer market,manufactures are competing to gain more or maintain their computer market share.
If you are releasing a new computer with new features and more user friendly,you should seriously consider in your marketing campaign
the online video advertisements as part of your marketing efforts.
Consumers like to see the product before they buy it.
The majority of the consumers don't like to take to much time to read and read about the new feature.Sometimes is hard to find exactly what they look for.
A short video explanation will make things a lot easier;the potential buyers will rapidly understand the benefits of the product.
In the end will video ads will result in more sales,less returns,less hassle and more satisfied customers

Simple ads makes it difficult to choose a software

There are many people looking to buy all kinds of software but not everybody knows what software do they need .
So how to choose the best software for your needs from the numerous and similar online software advertisements,all promissing to be the best?
Do we rely on reviews?
Do we search on forums?
Do we look for any videos on Youtube?
Do we look for the best deal on Ebay?...and in the end what is the best deal?
Cheap price?Something we can't really use?Something we're not sure about?

Sell more software using video advertisements

Create simple video tutorials or video presentations of your software for sale and post your videos for free at computer marketplace.
Show to potential customers the benefits,advantages and the way to use it.
Make their purchase a great experience,so they will return to you for future purchases.
Avoid to have them spending hours and hours searching for results on Google,Youtube,forums or other online guru places to find a simple answer about using your software.

Welcome to the best computer marketplace where videos will make the difference.

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