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Buy and sell jewelry using video ads

The most efficient and cost effective way to advertise your jewelry for sale is to create simple video classifieds and sell your jewelry at marketplace.A free to post online video site for all your buying and selling needs.Whether you are a jewelry retailer or private owner looking to sell gold,diamonds or any platform to advertise or look for jewelry for sale.

How many times you've been asking yourself as a jewelry seller,what would be the most effective and less expensive method to bring your products to the attention of potential buyers?

But how do you do that?Where to find potential customers and how to make sure that all of them are completely satisfied?

Do we care more about the just married couple looking to buy thir engagement rings ,or,we,as specialized gold and diamond retailers want to have anybody looking to buy,sell or exchange jewellery walking in our store no matter online or offline.

How about private sales direct from owners looking to sell some jewelry lying arround that never gets worn?Don't just leave it there to gather more dust,;why not sell that jewelry for cash?There are many people looking to buy jewelleries at a cheap price.You too as a private seller can easily post your gold for sale classified ad in form of video instead of selling that jewelry for nothing,walking from store to store or applying online to see if your valuable piece is acceptable...and in the end much cash for gold you will get?Do you remember how much you paid?

So don't be disappointed,just take your camera or even your cell phone and create a simple video presentation.Then...

Post video advertisements and make the difference.Make your unique diamonds or gold jewelries stand out from the crowded insignificant common classified ads or small announcements olaced in the front store window or auction sites where the only sales strategy is beating the price,leading in many cases to unsatisfied customers recieving different items than what they expected.Give value to your jewelry for sale and show the reality of the products before placing discounted jewelry sale ads.

It's no secret that video is taking the internet by storm and thanks to technology video ads are no different.Unlike the traditional classified advertisement where you simply write a brief description of the jewelry you have for sale or pay expensive fees at an online auction website,a free video ad let's you showcase that piece of jewelry in a new and unique way.

Let's not forget that most people shop and get informed online before visiting an actual store.They shop for prices and shop for models.They want to see the difference.

Consider this information about videos...

  • whether are professionally created or simple video ads they are real
  • video ads are more authentic
  • video ads are more effective at selling than text ads or even ads that include images.

As a jewelry seller,this means that by using a video ad to sell your jewelry could give you a much better opportunity to get more money out of your jewelry than a typical text advertisement that just sits there offering your potential buyer nothing fresh,new or compelling.

By using video to sell your jewelry,gold or diamonds,you are giving yourself an opportunity to reach hundreds if not thousands of buyers and hold their attention while they watch your video instead of just scanning over a written description.

More importantly while you might be tempted to sell your unused jewelry for scrap you may be interested to know that according to MSN Money,when you sell gold jewelry for its scrap value you lose much of its retail value-even as much as 75%,far less than what you could get by selling it yourself.

Uploading a video and advertising your jewelry for sale here at  is incredibly easy to do.

All you need is a camcorder,a webcam or a basic digital camera to record your video and from there,it's as simple as creating a free account and uploading that video.

Don't miss out on one of the most effective ways available today to sell your jewelry.

Sign up with videoyourclassifieds  and Post your video ad now