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The music market is flooded with musical instruments for sale and no matter if you are looking to buy or sell,for new or used,the market is very competitive.Advertisements could be found anywhere from simple classified ads with used musical instruments for sale by owner where you might find a good deal on used guitars or other instruments,even posting to sell a piano you don't use anymore or offline shopping stores presenting their offers.

Consumers have many choices and find different prices,from brand names or new players trying to break into the market with great products and appealing proposals to the potential buyersbut...hard to make the difference.By simply posting classified ads you wait and hope that someone,somewhere,sometimes will find your ad,read the description and eventually buying your product.

Video ads are changing the way music ads are advertised

Unlike many years ago when we used to advertise by calling the local newspaper to post an ad for next day in the best case,today the technology allows us to create and post simple videos to present for sale ads,video tutorials or advertise the new store we just opened.The only thing we need is a digital camera,a camcorder,a webcam or even a cellphone and remember that:

Music can't be listened by reading simple classified ads,posting profiles through music forums or leaving business cards in stores.

Video advertise your band or music lessons

Just like selling musical instuments,music teachers and instructors have to advertise their services in order to get potential sudents;just very few don't need advertising but those one's are hard to get...

Did you ever imagine yourself how hard is to find a music teacher?

There are many music teachers out there but how to choose?

Who has better music teaching skills?

So what would you base your final decission on choosing your teacher?Reputation...teaching history...results?

How about so many talented musicians or music teachers offering cheap music lessons?And,we don't mean cheap because of the quality of their teaching,it might be just as good or even better just less expensive,but they're not known...

Are you a talented music teacher looking to give private music lessons or teaching music lessons online?

Remember appreciate your talent people have to listen to your music not reading your ads

Amaze your audience by playing that instrument or singing songs not writting classified ads.

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