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Video travel channel-travel videos from around the world presents you a new section where travelers from around the world want to share their travel experience with other people in search for a new travel or vacation experience.A place to share your videos featuring the best or the worst travel experiences you might have had.Whether you lived pleasant moments or the most freightening experience the world wants to listen to you.

Travel destinations are always a big atraction for anyone wanting to explore new places and new culture,but many times the fear of the unknown will stop them by doing so,that's why the world is asking travelers for their advice and recommendations about where to travel

Share your travel tips by posting your videos

Whether you have been traveling to Africa to experience a Safari trip to see wild animals in their natural habitat, you took a backpacking trip around the world to meet new people and to experience a new culture and paticipate to a fishing trip or simply booked a five star hotel to visit the arhitecture of a city you have never been before,we want you to share your videos.They will provide great information and advice for other people.

Post travel videos with trip advice and show video footage about  the best hotels,the most romantic places,the best beach to relax or the most amazing islands where you could see beautifull fish or enjoy the waves while you are surfing.Share videos with amazing hikling trails from the world's mountains where the nature embraces you with the most beautifull views.

Video reviews about places to stay in vacation

Share your experience and post video reviews about hotels and places to stay.Advice other travelers about good or bad places where they should or should not stay over night.Was the room clean?Were people nice to you?Did you take a video to share the joy or the dissapointement?The world wants to know.

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