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Millions of people everyday also post video ads on popular video websites for a variety of different reasons, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to combine these two very effective methods of selling online in one easy to use location?  Giving you the ability to post classifieds as video ads? Video Your Classifieds let’s you do just that; post video classifieds online and use the powerful ability of video to showcase your product or service using video ads.

If you have something to sell and a webcam or a camcorder then that’s all you need to post a video online at Video Your Classifieds.  Combining free classified ads using one of the most effective methods of selling

It’s no secret that video ads are becoming more common in the online marketplace.  By simply visiting some of the more popular video websites where anyone can post video clips, you can see at a glance just how popular video ads are becoming.

The ability to post video is within anyone’s grasp.  And it’s an incredibly effective way to promote what it is you’re trying to sell.  Maybe it’s your home, maybe it’s your car or maybe it’s a set of antiques that you’ve had lying around your house for a while.

Not only do video ads allow you to market your product more effectively, it gives your potential customers the ability to see the product in action like they never have before.

Unlike text ads or even photos, video ads let you show the product in a light that’s rarely ever been seen.  With video you can actually prove that a lawnmower runs well, that an antique is in mint condition or that those puppies you have for sale are really potty trained as you had claimed.

The bottom line is, video ads let you prove your claims.

Why Not Just Use a Free video Ads website?

Most people who are looking to sell an item would simply look to posting their goods or services on free classified ads websites. 

Most of these websites however, don’t offer you, the seller, much in the way of making that ad stick out.  When you’re wading in a sea of competition, and stuck in the recesses of hundreds of basic text-based classified ads, it’s not easy getting people to actually see your ad in the first place.

Why Not Just Post a Video Online?

Another alternative would be to create a video and upload it to popular video websites such as YouTube.  YouTube after all gets over 11,000 viewers per second each and every day.

The problem is, most people who view YouTube videos are doing so to be entertained.  They typically don’t visit the site to look specifically for items to buy.  And when you’re looking to sell a product or service, you actually want viewers who are interested in what you’re selling.  Not people that are simply curious.

Why not Both-classifieds and video?

What if you could take this one step further and combine the power of video with the ability to post classifieds for free?  What if you could simply upload and post a video that actually shows off the product you’re selling or the kinds of services you offer, and do so in one online location where you know people are already looking to purchase products?

That’s the beauty of Video Your Classifieds.  Taking the popular method of video and coupling it with free classified ads to make it one of the most powerful and effective ways to sell your product or service.

At Video Your Classifieds, it’s free to post classifieds, free to post video ads, and immediately gives you the powerful ability to market your goods or services in a way that not only people will appreciate but that people will actually pay attention to.

Post your free video ads by signing up today.