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Online Video Advertising

This new video ad platform was created to meet the needs of a large number of consumers that use video technology and giving them the possibility to video announce classified ads as well as posting video ads that publishers use to present products available for sale.
Posting video ads on is a very easy process that requires only to create an account, and allows the user to post as many videos as they want, but every single video has a mlaximum video upload allowance of 50 MB. Each video posted creates this way a landing page to that particular video ad and depending on the relevance of it will be found showing a thumbnail in Google blended search between text search results, as well as apearing in Google Video, avoiding this way a fight for the first page on mega video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and others. A link towards a specific website or landing page could also be inserted to the video, as well as the posibility of having the video ad on featured videos within a specific category where the video was posted, will increase the visibility on the category page between other featured ads. The main thing in terms of having your video indexed well is not to have the same exact video ad posted everywhere, and in terms of effectiveness, it is not recomended to have videos longer than 2 to 3 minutes. Videos have to be short and entertaining,engaging the consumer and focusing on the only one purpose, and that is presenting products or services in the best way possible.
Videoyourclassifieds is available for now for the US and Canadian market, following soon other parts of the world.

Video ads for publishers

Whether you are a small publisher or a company running ads for milions of dollars, online video advertising trends to have a major impact on your future customers.The fact that video is proven to have the best converting rate among all the advertising methods,shows very clearly what customers want and this brings us to the concluson that people want to see and they want to have more informations about what is out there for sale, or what features a certain product can offer. While videos can generate milions of views to a certain web page, one of the biggest problem that could be encountered is the video ad inventory.
Many publishers or even companies, think sometimes that online videos must cost lots of money to be made or they have to be made only by professionals in order to be effective, and this is where they are wrong. There is a big difference  between a video commercial and a video ad. Simple video ads could be made almost by  anyone and don't need to be mixed with video commercials, rather presenting in simple words and images the truth about a product and how this product could benefit a potential customer. A very effective way of using video advertising that will convert viewers to buyers are  video tutorials. Distributing videos all across the web might be effective if there are done right and also could have a negative impact if they are done just to be done.
The reason why consumers are searching for videos online, is simply because they need answers. They want to learn
and get more informations about products, and those could be tools, software, travel places, or anything else.